In short,

Weston and Jesse are people. People who love coffee and are fascinated by the industry in whole. Fascinated by the growing, the production, the sourcing, the quality control, the roasting, the brewing, and of course the drinking of coffee.

One day we realized most coffee talk is too focused on the things in coffee and not enough about the people in coffee. We hope to change that. "Our Focus is People, our Language is Coffee"


Weston Peterson 


Outside of the podcast, Weston is employed at the Serengeti Trading Company as the Quality Control Department Manager in Dripping Springs, TX - just outside of Austin. He has honed in his palate while tasting coffees from all over the world at different levels of quality while operating in supply chain management. His favorite thing to say is, "Absolutely." You'll hear it on the podcast, trust me.



Jesse Hartman

Photo By: Matty Chatburn

Photo By: Matty Chatburn

Jesse spends his days generally managing a coffee shop called Mañana in Downtown Austin, TX. He typically enjoys sitting down to write some poetry, sing some tunes, and all the while contemplate how his coffee can see its full potential. 



Why We Take Sponsorships

The Coffee Podcast has been a joy to both Wes and I. As we push forward to provide you with great content, things get more expensive. In order to keep our content fresh and clean, we have to spend some money. We see this as an opportunity for all sorts of sponsors to get in on the conversation. Sure, you might have to hear a 30 second blip here or there, but keep in mind this keeps the content growing! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Happy Brewing,
Jesse Hartman
Co Founder + Host
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