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About The Coffee Podcast

A conversation worth having.

When Jesse Hartman and Wes Peterson started The Coffee Podcast, they had no idea what it would become.  Now carried by Jesse (Wes joined the US Marines!), TCP maintains a commitment to featuring "all the hands" in coffee production. This conversation is a living continuum that includes every link of the coffee value chain from before the seed to after the cup.

Get to know your host. 

Co-founder and host Jesse Hartman is an Austin, Texas coffee professional. He's had the unique opportunity to open, staff, establish operations, guide, and generally manage new coffee shops.  When he isn't working around or sipping on coffee, you can find him writing music and poetry or exploring the great outdoors.  Or both. Because that's extra fun. 

Why we have sponsors. 

The Coffee Podcast is a joy to create and promote. As we push forward to provide you with great content, things get more expensive. In order to keep content fresh and clean, we have to spend some money. We see this as an opportunity for all sorts of sponsors to get in on the conversation.  Sure, you might have to hear a 30 second blip here or there, but this keeps our valued content growing. 

Now, enough about us. 

Thanks for joining us in this adventure.  YOU are an essential part of the coffee production chain and it wouldn't be the same without you. Please give us your input and join the conversation.  We want to talk to you!

We're happy to be, as always, your platform for people-focused coffee talk.



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