E4 | Coffee Basics [EXPANDED]

Series: Home-Brewing

Foundations (Expanded)

This is the second episode in a series Wes and I are calling Home-Brewing . This episode covers a lot indeed, but the most important topic covered here is extraction. Do not worry if this topic throws you off a bit because it can be confusing. Below is a layout of the topics we touch concerning extraction. "Expanded" refers to the fact that these topics have been breezed over in the past. This episode goes deeper.

  1. Brew Ratios (Expanded)
  2. Extraction (Expanded)
  3. Strength = Brew Ratio x Extraction (EXPLAINED)
  4. Grind Setting: (Expanded)
  5. Brew Time: (Expanded)

Questions to discuss on Instagram (@TheCoffeePodcast):

  • What does brew ratio have to do with extraction?

  • What IS extraction?

  • I'm confused, what is strength and how is it different from extraction? 

  • Why exactly did you guys "freeze" extraction?

Feel free to hashtag any of the above with #TheCoffeePodcastE4 in order to organize the discussion for episode 3.


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