E3 | What's in your hopper?

Series: Home-Brewing

What's In Your Hopper?

This is the first episode in a series Wes and I are calling Home-Brewing. This episode takes you through coffee origins and their relationship to tasting notes. While drinking your coffee take time to consider what your palette is tasting. Is it chocolate, cherry, or citrus-like? We also discus roasters and our most memorable cups. The episode finishes with a short Q&A about cupping where Wes touches on some of the most intimate chords of the coffee industry.

Questions to discuss on Instagram (@TheCoffeePodcast):

  • What origins do you enjoy the most?
  • Do you prefer natural or washed processed coffees?
  • What was the best cup of coffee you ever had?
  • What do you wonder when your drinking your daily brew?

Feel free to hashtag any of the above with #TheCoffeePodcastE3 in order to organize the discussion for episode 3.


SCAA flavor wheel



Counter Culture Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel



Winner of the 2015 Golden Bean North America: Klatch Coffee (overall champion roaster) 



***Important Disclaimer***

Wes had a little to much to drink before the show, we apologize on his behalf for misleading the location of Coava Coffee Roasters. They are, in fact, based out of Portland, Oregon. To those who pay attention to math questions, yes; Wes incorrectly multiplied 1000 by 3. In his defense though he commented: 


"I was, in my mind, thinking to myself '...So, let's multiply that number by 3 (OR 4)... That's 4,000 people...' 


Unfortunately the words 'OR 4' never came out of my mouth." 


We do apologize if the debauchery of simple arithmetic threw off your morning. 


In all acceptance,

The Coffee Podcast