E104 | Coffee News 1.0

This episode covers current events and topics relayed to coffee. Wondering about the world's most expensive cup? We cover it. New buyouts? You should be in the loop.  A little climate change? Gotta talk about it.  Keep up to date, coffee lovers.


Daily Coffee News (Nick Brown)Klatch Offering the $601 Per Pound Coffee for $55 Per Cup
Los Angeles Magazine (Brittany Martin) Only 250 Cups of This Rare Coffee Will Be Sold in the U.S.—All of Them at One SoCal Cafe
Forbes (Marissa Conrad) This Is the World's Most Expensive Cup of Coffee, Says California Roastery
Daily Coffee News (Nick Brown)IKEA to Begin Selling Coffee as Part of Multiyear Uganda Commitment
Bloomberg (Olivia Zaleski) Nestle Is Said to Pay $425 Million to Buy Blue Bottle Coffee
Bloomberg (Edvard Pettersson) Toxic Java? California Law Carries Big Fines, Little Evidence
New York Times (Somini Sengupta)How Climate Change Is Playing Havoc With Olive Oil (and Farmers)

Alison Hartman