E107 | Wanna Be a Roaster?

On today's episode Jesse is joined by Lee Safar of Elixir Coffee and Sumi Ali of YES PLZ Coffee to discuss an exciting upcoming event in California. Listen on to learn about careers in coffee roasting and how you can jump in. (And btw, this episode includes giveaway info!)
*Note that this episode contains profanity.*

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Event Info: How to Map a Successful Career as a Coffee Roaster
Discount Code: thecoffeepodcast
Insta, Twitter, Facebook: @imapitforward
Email: imapitforward@gmail.com

Yes PLZ Coffee-

Web: http://yesplz.coffee
Insta: Sumi_Ali
Twitter: SumiAli
Insta and Twitter: @YESPLZdotCOFFEE

The Coffee Podcast (W/ Lee Safar) Episode 80 ft. Elixir
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