E88 | Genetics & Coffee

E88 | Genetics & Coffee

Subtitle: Interview with Hanna Neuschwander and Greg Meenahan of World Coffee Research


World Coffee Research

Instagram: @WCoffeeResearch

Twitter: @WCoffeeResearch

Website: www.WorldCoffeeResearch.org


Hanna Neuschwander

Communications Director for WCR

Twitter: @hneuschwander


Greg Meenahan

Director of Partnership Development for WCR

Twitter: @GMeenahan




Book (Hanna Neuschwander) — Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters from San Francisco to Seattle

Radiolab on CRISPR — Part I, Part II

Scientific American (Ferris Jabr) — Creating Tastier and Healthier Fruits and Veggies With a Modern Alternative to GMOs




Daily Coffee News (Nick Brown) — Popular Honduras Variety Lempira Found Susceptible to Leaf Rust


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