E91 | Who is Jimseven? (Pt. I)

E91 | Who is Jimseven? (Pt. I)

Subtitle: An Interview with James Hoffmann


James Hoffmann

Instagram: @jimseven

Twitter: @jimseven



James Hoffmann — Jimseven.com

James Hoffmann — The World Atlas of Coffee

James Hoffmann — The best of jimseven book

Square Mile Coffee Roasters — About

Coffee Jobs Board — Home

Stewart Lee Allen — The Devil's Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee

RealChrisBaca (Chris Baca) - YouTube


Articles & Blog Posts:

Sprudge (Zachary Carlsen) — James Hoffmann’s “Best Of Jimseven” Book Now Available For Pre-Order

Jimseven (James Hoffmann) — The naturals debate


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