E119 | E120 Roasting Series: What Goes on the Bag? (Part I & Part II)

Episode 119 & 120: What Goes on the Bag?

Bag design is a bit of a topic in more ways than one. It is sort of an endless topic because it is a topic on art that trickles from design into marketing and thus affects sales. If you ignore bag design, you ignore the value of your brand. Is there a right or wrong way to tackle bag design? Find out with two of our favorite designers in the industry, Todd Purse of Brandwine Coffee Roasters and David Salinas of Department of Brewology.

Part I With Guest Todd Purse

Part II With David Salinas



Todd Purse

Illustrator, Lead Designer at Brandwine Coffee Roasters


Instagram: toddde85
Website: BrandywineCoffeeRoasters.com

David Salinas

Design Expert, Founder, and Curator at Department of Brewology

download (1).jpg

Instagram: departmentofbrewology
Website: DepartmentofBrewology.com



Brandywine Bag Design - All Coffee

Department Box Sets - Roaster Collaboration Series Boxset



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