E128 | Coffee Myths: There is Super Specialty Coffee in California

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There is Super Specialty Coffee in California

Photo courtesy of  Frinj Coffee

Photo courtesy of Frinj Coffee

Not all coffee myths are built on lies. You would think something called “Super Specialty Coffee”" would be something that falls into a category with snake oil and dancing goats. As it turns out, Jay Ruskey is a tree farmer from California ready to show the world just what Super Specialty Coffee is.

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About Jay Ruskey

Jay Ruskey is Co-Founder and CEO at Frinj Coffee, Inc. which is a coffee company in Goleta, California. This company started as a company called Good Land Organics and has since grown to become the leading specialty coffee organization in the Continental US (more of their story here). Most notably, Frinj is producing an emerging coffee product called Super Specialty Coffee. Some of this coffee will be available for purchase from companies like Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and Blue Bottle Coffee in 2019.


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